Mamma Bear Syndrome

tilt shift lens photography of woman wearing red sweater and white skirt while holding a boy wearing white and black crew neck shirt and blue denim short
Photo by Nicholas Githiri on


Nothing fazed me At 1 point in my Life. The world will burn and I would somehow salvage myself and be OK. People on the street  act like idiots and nothing bother me nothing anybody could do could touch me.
Of course growing up in the hood I learned to defend myself always especially when you live in a city with a lot of chaos, And a bunch of madness you learn to adapt. You learn to ignore certain things and just carry on.
But once I had my 1st child it was almost like a demon possessed my soul. No one can say anything bout about her no 1 can harm her in any way. All I wanted to do was to protect her to stand by her side hawk her all day all night and make sure she’s OK.
Those 1st school years were tough bullies, tears rejection all that I wanted to just fix on my own but the best thing that I could do was let her figure it out so she can learn.
Whenever anyone messed with her this ferocious non stop of a beast of a mother came out in me. I noticed other moms are calm and they let stuff just roll over their shoulder when someone messes with their kid. To this day I still don’t understand how?
And I let her learn her own lessons she’s inde independent and fends for herself. But when she’s not in my presence and it’s something involving her that I have to fight for her I come out of this shell, And I am awaken like someone waking a dragon from a long sleep. And I feel like I get this Newly found energy from deep within my soul to just keep fighting for  , protecting her now and always.

Is this because I’m a single mother? I don’t hear about papa bear syndrome.
And I love mama bear’s. I love with these dine for I love that they love their children with a love beyond love and protection and admiration.
My children are the loves of my life and I live for them and I have diagnosed myself with …mama bear syndrome. And I don’t need any medication for this, I’m good

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