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Overbearing mothers ,a blessing and a curse. You love them and appreciate them but sometimes they have no sense of boundries.
You Try to make them Happy with everything you do. Everything you have done. Every move you have made in your existence was to make them happy. Yet, Still they’re never satisfied. It’s because they can never be, never will be satisfied with anything that you do.

My mother was so overbearing and protective, So over protective that she  Did not allow me- a college graduate to leave the house until I was married.

And I really wanted to leave that house so of course, I was in love what do I do?

It’s completely sad how a mother can dictate a child’s life even as an adult. It’s a not so rare form of mental abuse that exists in so many more people then admitted. Abused as children abused as Adults when does this abuse end?

Is your mother overbearing? Is that a form of abuse? Is it OK for her to tell you how to raise your children? Is it OK for her to tell you to come on by 10:00 p.m. when you 25? Is it OK for her to choose your career in your life? what you gonna do? what path you’re gonna live? Who you gonna love?

Is this not abuse? There’s A-line that a mother should not cross. A mother will always be a mother, a mother will always see her babies as her babies.

But these children do grow up and fall in love have families of their own and this overbearing mother can contribute and be part of the family but when it gets to the point that she’s dictating your life when you’ve already established your own life there’s a huge problem.

It’s an abuse it’s not knowing when to stop. And of course we love our parents unconditionally no matter what kind of crazy shit they have put us through. We all want our mommies and our daddy’s, we wanna be loved and there are times yes we want to be children again.

What if your mother had the keys to your house and she can come in whenever she feels that she wants to? However, you have given her these keys to come to your house if there is an emergency or you need help with something. These emergency set of keys isnot for your mother to come in walking to your house whenever she pleases. What if you are their intimate with someone? what if you’re walking around naked? What if you just wanna be alone and you don’t want her to do this? Is it wrong?

It’s your mother being overbearing and it’s your mother letting you know that she still has control over your life as an adult. Your babies will always be your babies but you have to let your babies make decisions and grow and you have to learn to give them space. If not they’re gonna grow up and resent you for it in find a place to vent where the world can possibly listen

Sleepless Nights

As much as we protect them coddle them bundle them upit bound to happen… they get SICK ..all the time and for some crazy reason we think it’s our fault?
I’ve been Up for several days I’m lacking so much sleep my 11 year old son had fever last week and that’s gone but the lingering cough that lasts all night long has been happening for about a Week. Of course I took him to the urgent care center and the doctors gave him motrin and some cough medicine along with other medications but it’s just one of those natural coughs that need to go away on its own. I’m losing track of the days I am going to work sometimes I don’t even know where I am because I’m so tired. My chicken soup Is Usually the cure to everything but I’ve been so tired that I could Not even make it I’ve been sick myself and I rarely get sick.
It’s not the greatest feeling when you’re a single mother on your own and the kids are sick and you’re up throughout the night and in the back of your head you want to take the baby to the emergency Room you want the cough to go away even try some deep meditation where you could transport his cough into your body that really doesn’t work much. At times like this I wish that their father at least participated in co-parenting with me but he doesn’t want to be involved at all in his children’s lives i will wight about that some other day. Single moms don’t have that person to ask in the middle of the night” what do you think I should do about this next what should we do we a team we help”. Single moms Have to make decisions instantly on their own. There are times I become so frustrated and at times I don’t know what’s the best thing to do all I can do is the best that I can do.
At times im crying at Times I feel alone but there’s nothing more in the world I love that my children so it’s all worth it.
To all you single mothers out there who are going through this you are doing an amazing job you’re doing the job of 2 people in one body. Let’s not stop and think about it to much lets just keep on doing what we gotta do.
Single moms are superheroes