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It has become all too much commonly heard.

A lot of people saying this happens in the world parts of the country but no, this is New York City.
You don’t hear about this in New York City but here it is!!

And for some reason it’s being kept so quiet

Lockdown drills and safety protocols are a day-to-day conversation that schools must have along with regular curriculum.

We have all remembered Colombine,Sandy Hook, Florida massacres along with many others. We will ever forget!

Last week was a school shooter threatened my children’s school.

Some kid in the school posted on social media that he was going to schoolkids in the school.

The school sent out a very vague email to parents informing parents that they are aware that children are texting their parents and the school has things under control in their following regular protocol.

I had no idea as to what was going on because I didn’t receive a text from my child just yet.

When I did communicate with my children they did tell me as to what was going on and they were very scared.

I Franticly raced to the school from my job that is an hour away commute. I actually got to the school within 22 minutes. I guess I can expect some red light tickets in the mail.

The line of the school wrapped around the corner with parents waiting to pick up their children.

My children kept texting me and asking me to please pick them up.

I don’t think I have ever been that scared in my entire life.

Not knowing any answers -if the school shooter is inside the school did they get this person? What’s going on? Are you safe? Is there a lock down drill?

When I called the school the phone just rang no answer.

After speaking with a few other parents I’ve learned experienced the same.

The process in order to pick up my child was a disgrace they need to come up with a better crisis system.
The bigger disgrace is that there was not a lock down drill on that day.

The school wasn’t 100% sure who this person was and if they had any guns in the school. I feel like they don’t take this seriously.

I finally picked up , hugged them as tight as I can.

Not only was this handled poorly by the school but now my children are in fear of the shooter because he is under 18 years old and he is still in the school receiving his education when my children were absent in fear.

Police say that this is under investigation. I don’t feel settled at all with these answers that we received from the school or from the police.

How is it possible for this kid to be allowed in the school?

The school is following these protocols and these procedures by Law.. but this is when things happen when there’s no action immediately by law forces, by principles ,by teachers this needs to be resolved now.

We need to pray every single day for the safety of all of our children all across the country all across the world going to school this is a sad sad sick societee that we live in now.

If anyone out there has information on how to proceed in a better way with this situation please feel free to write me
Please leave your thoughts your comments any suggestions your feelings Please leave your comments in the comment section

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