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And then They lived happily ever after… the End.

Well there’s a lot more after that then just the white horses and the beautiful white dress. Marriage is Rarely a happily ever after.

You make mad passionate love, you kiss him good bye in the morning, you go about your day thinking of him texting him calling him. And you know what’s weird??…hes also reciprocating this to you.

You go home you talk about your day you eat you want a little TV or you go out and you do something fun.

You wake up the next morning you get ready for work, kiss him good-bye, he goes about his day you go about your day and then the next day is the same and the day after that’s the same you develop a routine. Wash rinse ,lather.. repeat.

But You guys are still in love and you’re married so everything is gonna be OK you’re planning a family or maybe already have a family. So life is what it is and you know what?? It’s great!!! this is the person that you’re going to grow old with.

You are going to buy the big beautiful house in the suburbs. You’re gonna get a dog ,you gonna go on these vacations together that everybody’s going to envy and you can put it on Facebook too.

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Everything is so magnificent until one day you find out… Hes having an affair on you.

Your whole entire being, your whole world everything that you have lived for was him. You’re beautiful wedding that you spent a pretty penny on… all the preparation everything. The house, the kisses, the car ,”the I love you’s”.
what about all of that????

Your world comes crashing down ,you don’t care about anything else and you just can’t believe that this person that you have given your soul to has betrayed you in such a way.

At 1st maybe you want to hear every last detail of the disgustingness that has occurred. It’s not a good idea to do that because honestly that will never leave your head.

Probably the 2nd thing you want to do is get far away from him and make him show you that he wants you and only some kind of competition.

But let’s be real, Do You stay married to this man? A man who has defied you in such a way that is extremely hard to ever come back from?

Unless you really don’t care about sharing bodies.

This gets a lot more complicated when you guys have children together. A lot of women stay just because of the children and this decision is based solely upon the children.

Do you learn to live with this and pretend it never happened? Do you earn back the relationship and let him earn back his trust? Do you get your vengeance on him?

Or do you leave? Do you leave it all and walk away. After all, he already has walked away on you by cheating.
Do you give it one more time 1 more try to see if he won’t do it again?

This is the hardest thing to go through in a relationship other than being sick.

I must say ,its a wonderful feeling to lay my head down at night and not worry that I’m being cheated on !!

If you remain in a relationship with a someone that has already cheated on you, how can your mind really honestly rest and know that he will never do this to you again? There is always that slight possibility that he will.

So what is the decision that you will make?

Is he really worth all that you have?

15 thoughts on “YOUR HUSBAND CHEATED ON YOU, So now what?

  1. Marriage is hard work and I sincerely commend those who manage to keep it all together. It’s heart breaking finding out about a cheating partner. I don’t wish to experience it!


  2. Regardless rather a person stays or leaves the marriage, these blogs are beneficial and supportive to help make a tough decision. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to experience the life of a single mom. This post is so true, you never expect such heartbreak when exchanging vows, but what do you do when it occurs? I don’t think I could stay after being cheated on, I wouldn’t be able to accept it or move on from it as much as I want my kids to have a family. Great post on a tough topic.. I commend your bravery and all the effort it takes to be a single parent!

    -Veronica Olafsen


    1. Thank you Veronica for your kind words. Hopefully, as women we can help each other with this valuable insight. I’m here if anyone wants to talk. Personally, I can not be with a cheater, but I dont judge any women who would be, I understand
      That the choice is hard.. Strength to all of us women!!!!


  4. OMG I don’t married yet and I don’t have a boyfriend but this post make me feel afraid about marriage. I am single for a long time because I have a lot of fear and trust issues. it’s better know the person first before you commit into the relationship. it’s better to wait for a long time than to excite things but in the end no everlasting forever. this is so interesting to read. and lesson learning.


    1. Maysz…thank you for such a passionate opinion. It’s very hard to trust. I myself, want to trust openly in my next relationship and hope I have the courage to do so. But not every man is untrustworthy…Love is a gamble. Sometimes we loose…sometimes we can win


  5. The question is good, and I mean, sure someone stays in that kind of relationship/marriage because of the children, because they don’t want to break apart the family. But I mean the more important question is, what kind of example are you setting for your children, by staying in that kind of thing you are showing them that they must forget what is best for them and stay so that people won’t talk about. No, if you find yourself in that kind of situation ask yourself, do you love yourself more or the person that is looking for a thing on the side but doesn’t want to get a divorce, or something, and two people being apart doesn’t necessarily break apart the family the kids still have a dad, and a mom, they just don’t live together. Stay strong, sometimes it’s better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t respect you.


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