Losing my Halloween spirit

20181005_194556Not obligated to buy presents no need to listen to family bickering over an enormous amount of food that you be eating for the next week.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday .You can dress up and be anything that you want to be .That character for the day and everyone around you is somebody else dressed up as somebody else.

I always looked forward to it, getting costumes for the kids taking them trick or treating until they could barely walk anymore than giving away all that candy to others. It was so much fun.

The goblins ,the witches, the superheroes, the princesses,The costumes I couldn’t figure out. The laughter and the entire magical mysteriousness of Halloween I just loved it.

Now that my daughter is 16 years old she still going Trick or Treating and I went with her last year and my 10 year old son. But now they’re going with their group of friends and why would they want me trailing behind them?
I even asked a friend to borrow her kids but she had other plans. Maybe I’m just going to this thing where the kids are getting bigger and something as simple as taking them trick or treating has ended because of their ages. They’re still going I just think I need to give them their space and let them go in their group of friends without an adult trailing behind them. And it’s just here in the neighborhood and it’s a big group. I’m hoping that I can change my own mind and tell myself they still need me to trail behind them because anything can happen on Halloween. I’m hoping that later on I can throw on one of my masks and get outside because I do love Halloween and I don’t want to lose that love for Halloween.


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