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OK ,so some of us already went through those “Terrible Two’s”. The toddler years the tension ,throwing themselves in the streets crying while us moms looking around in pure embarrassment. You know what I’m talking about!!
When you just can’t wait For those God-Awful temper tantrums to end. You can’t wait till they hurry up and grow up and get out of this stage. Trust me when they turn into teenagers you going to miss those terrible two’s, you’re going to wish that you were in the middle of the street with them asking them to get up off the floor once you experience the “Terrible Teens”.
I wanted my babies to stop their temper tantrums, but now the teenage years with the eye rolling ,the teeth sucking , the constant worry about the opposite sex , college,peer pressure and the over all never ending hormonal crisis.

It’s not easy raising a teenager as a single mother. You’re on your own as a single parent there’s no way that you can look over your shoulder for help. No one to help side with you when you’re trying to get a message across to your teen. There is noone there for me to play good cop bad cop.. I have to be a combination of them both almost making me look like I have a schizophrenia bipolar crazy personality by being these 2 people,nice one minute and just mean the next.

Being a single mom has got to be one of the most difficult things on Earth to do. I cried so many nights so many days on my way to work at work at home walking in the street in the supermarket just couldn’t hold back tears just thinking of my stress and how unfair that their deadbeat dad just dismissed his responsibilities. I have to do everything all alone all the time.

And now teen years in the process I am living in constant edge. I don’t want my kids to choose the wrong path and automatically think any little mistake that they make people will say it’s because they’re from the household of a single mom. I don’t want that stigma on them and all of them to be a statistic so I try super hard and I’m always tired because it to too much and just always feel so weary and nothing is ever enough.
They are good kids ,I don’t have much to complain about . I guess in some weird way I am doing it all alone in its turning out really well.
Sometimes a single moms we feel judged and inferior and we feel as though our kids are being frowned upon. Just know that you’re not the only one feeling like that more than likely,It’s not the case of what is actually really going on.
Single moms are superheroes and we can do anything.


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