The life of a single mother

maria mery sant

Drop the kids off at school, Nascar to work, Do double the work In a crunch time forget about taking lunch just swallow something at your desk. It’s almost time to get the kids hurry up you don’t want them in the late Room. I have to keep the job I have to pay the bills I’m a single mother no ones donating money to me. The very little amount their biological father gives barely feeds them. The life that I balance is a life with my children, school functions ,parent teacher night homework cooking cleaning that’s my life plus a 40 hour week job.
How do single moms do it? Obviously we don’t all have the money to pay for child care. Balancing all this is just a mental ability that a woman needs to possess to not drive yourself crazy because this could make you crazy. Time for going out with friends hanging out for me? When? I’m lucky if I see my friends every couple of months. I’m tired all the time I’m budgeted all the time. I’m trying to get through homework and make sure I have enough for the bills for next month. Single mothers don’t have that luxury of having a partner in saying” here you go here’s half of the rent let me cook you dinner let me do laundry tonight.’ A single mother Is a one woman army. How do you balance having a life?
You make your kids your life. When they get older maybe you can date. If you have a better solution I would love to hear it from you. Because Yes I want to go on girl trips with my girlfriends I wanna hang out at least just once a month so I don’t lose my mind.
BUT don’t mistake what I’m saying I love doing things with my kids but I’m surprised my friends have stuck with me this far because I can’t always see them and go out with them I can’t travel with them I couldn’t even attend one of my best friends weddings in California because of child care because of money reasons. So how am I balancing it? I’m just doing what I have to do in making sure that the kids are always good and that is my life that’s the life of a single mother Who always puts her children 1st.


2 thoughts on “The life of a single mother

  1. I think mothers are like super heroes. Doing a million things. Makes me appreciate my mom and hope that my own kids appreciate me in the future. We put the kids n the home first and us second or third. We need to relax, sipp some wine and continue to do the things that we love at times bc if we don’t then all the b-ball’s will fall.


    1. Hello , all mothers are superheros,yes! We all need to try to find a way to relax and care for ourselves….wine would be GREAT!!
      thank you for your kind comment


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